Four ways a good digital marketing agency can help local businesses

The four key areas of local marketing

Many local businesses know that internet marketing can help their business, and often start looking for local seo services, or advertising consultants that can help them.

If you are currently looking to start promoting your business online it’s good to know the 4 key areas of local marketing that a good digital marketing agency can help you with.

1- Boosting your local reach with internet marketing

The internet now provides local businesses, suppliers and services with an unprecedented means to reach more potential customers. There are three main ways to do this.

Organic Reach

Increasing your organic reach through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so that people find your website in local search results.

The basic strategy would be to get your local marketing expert to analyse your website and the most profitable keywords in your niche, and then optimise your website and its content to register more results in the search results. You will over time get more website visitors and sales if you present your business in the right way.

Content Marketing

Another form or organic reach is through content marketing – where you create relevant blog, video, audio or graphic content to appeal to your niche customers.

This content can be distributed through social media channels, such as Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

Paid advertising

A quicker way to increase your reach is to place paid ads in front of people who are actively looking for what you have to offer.

some of the most popular sources of paid traffic for local businesses are the Google Ad network, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo Gemini and Twitter.

2- Increasing your Reputation through Local Marketing

Where ever possible you need to have a strategy for harvesting positive reviews about your products or services.

Take advantage of Google Reviews by setting up a Local business Page and encouraging your customers to leave a positive review.

3- Increase Referrals through effective local marketing strategies.

If you are harvesting positive reviews you will start seeing a natural flow of referrals to your local business.  In your marketing you should have a system to incentivise referrals.

Many local businesses have grown really fast through implementing a referral system.

4 – Retargeting and Reselling to your existing local market place.

Are you able to advertise directly to people who have already visited and bought from your website?

You can do this through a process called “retargeting” or “remarketing”.

Do you have other services that you can offer your existing customers. The key to local business growth is to be able to resell to the customer base you already have.

Digital marketing Agency in London

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Four ways a good digital marketing agency can help local businesses